Narragansett Bay Wheelmen 47th Annual


Sunday, September 9, 2018


Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

Hello Riders,

It's with great sadness that we have to cancel TFCE 2018. The reason being, we lost our parking lots and campus access at the University of Massachusetts for September 9th. This year, it would not be possible to run TFCE as the same 'Stellar Event' we have done in the past.

We had three choices: Relocate, Postpone or Cancel. I will explain how we came to our decision.

In our history, the NBW has only cancelled one event. This was the NBW #113 ride on April 4th 2010. You might remember the vicious rain storm that pummeled our region the prior week. It washed out many of the bridges in Westerly and caused wide scale flooding. We cancelled the ride because it was not a safe riding situation and one can always ride another day, in another place. We could have run an alternative ride in the Westerly area, but we did not, "Just because we could, does not mean that we should".

We have through the years had a clear policy that TFCE would not be rescheduled. There are too many moving pieces in coordinating so many riders, so many volunteers, so many towns, so many police details, etc., to accommodate a rescheduling. We have always known that the communication and execution of rescheduling TFCE was not an option.

Relocating TFCE on short notice is even more complicated than postponing it. We have moved the starting location twice in the past, but not on short notice, and never with 1700 riders. Every TFCE that we have run, we have used paved parking areas that could accommodate the cars.

With all that being said, given our situation at the University, it makes more sense to cancel TFCE outright. Yes, this may seem to be a cop out, but it's being done for the right reasons. It's not possible this year to run TFCE to the "Stellar" standards, that the riders and volunteers expect. It's not possible to run TFCE with the same degree of safety as in the past. That is why we are cancelling.

We are working with our registration vendor ImAthlete, to send out a full refund for your TFCE Registration and Processing fees. ImAthlete will be issuing checks, sent via email, to the email address used for registration, to the person who paid for the registration. The plan is for the email and enclosed checks to be delivered to you by Friday, September 15th. Here is what ImAthlete will be doing:

* Send one email for each checkout done with ImAthlete. This is when you paid them with your credit card
* The email is going to the email address used with the checkout
* It will include all registration and processing fees that you paid them
..................Covering TFCE registration
..................Covering extra charge for XXL t-shirts
..................Covering the transaction fee associated with registration
Note - if you registered yourself and someone else at the same time, there will be one check issued for the combined amount.

Please accept our sincere apology for this situation. We were all planning on a great TFCE. It has been a great bicycle ride for 46 consecutive years and hopefully next year for the 47th time.

If you have any further questions then please contact me at tfce@nbwclub.org

Ride safe out there

Ted Shwartz
NBW President