For full details of the rides check the NBW Ride Schedule. For a list of all our maps, see All NBW maps listed by number . These are the latest revisions of NBW maps. Our maps are frequently updated, so check back to this page for the latest revision before you ride!

January 2018 maps
Jan 1 -- New Year's Ride, start Little Compton, RI
Jan 7 -- Map #12 Simple Arrow Ride, start Burrillville, RI
Jan 14 - Map #66 Triboro Tour, start Plainville, MA
Jan 21 - Map #115 Wickford-Kingstown, start North Kingstown, RI
Jan 28 - Map #101 Swansea Touisset Tour, start Swansea, MA

February 2018 maps
Feb 4 -- Map #12 Simple Arrow Ride-REPEAT, start Burrillville, RI
Feb 11 - Map #66 Triboro Tour-REPEAT, start Plainville, MA
Feb 18 - Map #115 Wickford-Kingstown-REPEAT, start North Kingstown, RI
Feb 25 - Map #101 Swansea Touisset Tour-REPEAT, start Swansea, MA

March 2018 maps
Mar 4 -- Map #149 Fish Road, start Tiverton, RI
Mar 11 - Map #11 The 'Ville' Ride, start Burrillville, RI
Mar 18 - Map #67 Our Lady of the Martyrs Ride, start Woonsocket, RI
Mar 25 - Map #28 NBX/Spring Opener, start East Providence, RI

April 2018 maps
Apr 1 -- Map #47 Lakeville Tour , start Lakeville, MA
Apr 8 -- Map #149 Fish Road - REPEAT, start Tiverton, RI
Apr 15 - Map #49 Great Grandma's Farm Ride, start Smithfield, RI
Apr 22 - Map #47 Lakeville Tour - REPEAT, start Lakeville, MA
Apr 29 - Map #113 Westerly Ride, start Ashaway, RI

May 2018 maps
May 6 -- Map #165 Bladi's Birthday Ride, start Lincoln, RI
May 13 - Map #49 Great Grandma's Farm Ride - REPEAT, start Smithfield, RI
May 20 - Map #122 Plymouth Century, start Seekonk, MA (map upgrade coming)
May 27 - Map #111 Westport, start Westport, MA

June 2018 maps
Jun 3 -- Map #160 BikeWorks Swansea Ride, start Swansea, MA

Maps are in PDF format, viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download).
Disclaimer: These maps may not fully match the arrowed rides or reflect current road conditions. We realize that road conditions change constantly and maps become outdated; if you encounter any inaccuracies on the map or can suggest improvements, please send email to maps@nbwclub.org Our arrowers work hard to have the rides arrowed by the scheduled ride dates; before or after those dates you should ride by the map. Our arrowers may modify the route according to existing conditions, to avoid road construction or other hazards. As always, use caution and common sense when riding you ride at your own risk.
Questions about NBW arrows? Read the NBW Arrowing Guidelines.
We acknowledge with thanks the work of the many NBW members who, over 45 years, have created this library of NBW maps ... especially Howard Stone.