Our club has a discussion page on Yahoo Groups, at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nbwclub/ .

We use this email group to send out late-breaking news about changes to rides, announcements and reminders. Our Yahoo group is also a great place to swap advice on bikes, riding skills, routes, road conditions, bike tours, as well as arrange ad-hoc informal mid-week rides. There are some mug shots posted, also a list of top arrowers to date (those hearty volunteers who have arrowed the most miles). Our group is moderated; no selling (we have our Classifieds page for that) or rudeness allowed.

There are three ways you can subscribe. For email list purist types who want minimal features, nothing to do with web sites, and want to subscribe via simple email, choose method 2. Otherwise, for those who want the most features, choose item 1, and create a Yahoo profile. (You can choose any email address to which list messages will be sent.) You could also send an email request as in item 2, but in the response message, be sure to click the link (rather than reply to the email).

Last, if you want us our incoming email list moderator, Ted Shwartz, to formally invite you then you could choose method 3. It doesn't really save you any time or effort over the first two methods, though.

Choose one of the following ways to join the list:
1. From the NBW page, click the "Join This Group!" link near the upper right of the window. Follow the instructions given by Yahoo. Create a Yahoo profile, to get the most features.
2. From your email address, send a blank message to: nbwclub-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Then, look for (and reply to) a confirmation message from Yahoo (they do this to ensure your address is legit).
3. We can also invite you to the group: we fill out a Yahoo invitation form to which you must reply (they do this to make sure you want to be on the list, and that no one added you without your consent).

Once you're on, or maybe as you're getting on, look for and decide if you want your messages delivered as Individual Email or as a Daily Digest, or if you want to read your messages on the web page. Then, decide and choose the message style of "Traditional" (plain text), or "Fully Featured" (HTML).

Note: if you prefer "no e-mail and plain text", then you may be asked to create a Yahoo ID. Otherwise, you may not be able to send messages from the web site.

If you sign on via the web site, the setup process should then ask for your preferences. If not, or if you later change your mind, then sign on and click "edit membership". In the "Message Delivery" section, choose between "Individual Email", "Daily Digest", "Web only", or "Special Notices" (read via web mostly, but let the group moderator send you important email notices). In the "Message Preference" section, choose between "Traditional" (plain text) or "Fully Featured" (HTML).