NBW is 100% volunteer-run and the club's success depends on the vigor and interest of its volunteers. With over 800 members we constantly draw on new volunteers to sustain current activities and develop new ones. Volunteer and meet people who are helping the club while having a lot of fun! Our volunteers are recognized at the Annual Volunteers Banquet/Annual Meeting, where the NBW Volunteer of the Year is announced, and other awards given.

Here are some of the volunteer jobs:

* Rides
A ride scheduling group meets a couple of times a year to draw up a calendar of weekly rides, rotating them around our riding area. A few new rides are added each year to our library of over 160 maps, as old rides are dropped or updated. If new maps are required, talented volunteers create new ones. Our arrowing coordinator organizes volunteers to arrow the rides, and provides paint, instructions and maps. A group of volunteers make sure there is a ride starter to hand out maps at ride starts. A volunteer contacts local police departments about the starts. Our special, annual TFCE (The Flattest Century in the East) ride requires year-round organization and involves over 90 volunteers, working at parking, rest-stops, or as SAG drivers, among other jobs. A Special Events group organizes weekend trips to ride further afield in New England.

* Social Events
Volunteers organize the annual Volunteers Banquet/Annual Meeting, where all our volunteers are recognized (especially the Volunteer of the Year), the annual barbecue (Rhody Roundup), the December holiday party, social gatherings after selected rides, and "pot-lucks" that develop informally during the year.

* Officers, Board of Directors, and critical ongoing administrative jobs
President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary of the club are elected annually at the Annual Meeting. They deal with the day-to-day administration of the club, working with a Board of Directors, composed of 3 previous Presidents, 3 recent Volunteers of the Year, and the Membership, Advocacy and Rides Coordinators. Not on the Board, but providing year-round service, are the newsletter editor, webmaster, merchandise sales volunteer, police liaison, ride starters, special events coordinator.

Want to help?
Sometimes our most valuable volunteers just see a need and step forward to fill it (for instance, running beginner rides in spring, or proposing new rides). But if you're not sure how best to help here's who to contact:

* Ride arrowers
Our arrower coordinator appeals for arrowers frequently on the NBW email discussion list and provides support and training for new arrowers.

* TFCE volunteers
Our TFCE Chair organizes over 90 volunteers every year for this fall century for 2,000 riders. The call for volunteers will go out in spring in the club newsletter (The Spoke'n Word), and on this website.

* Want to help but not sure how?
Contact the NBW President.

* The Event Reimbursement Form may be used by volunteers to claim reimbursement for approved expenses. Questions and completed form should be submitted to the NBW Treasurer.